year counter, flesh marker

Something happens at the intersection of well water and ditchwater and the chainsaw’s exhaust smoke. The smell of moisture in plywood and cigarettes and clearcuts. The glass jars full of nails and oil paint. The frayed tarp in the wind flapping, and the asphalt shingles sliding, and the metal siding shaking, and the quilts that were sewn from old clothing that was sewn from patterned cloth bags for flour and feed, transported by trains.

The title for this work is lifted from a list of kennings used to describe ravens. In norse cosmology, Othin has two ravens –– Huginn and Munin –– thought and memory.

Installed as part of ankle biter, bean counter, fender bender at Boarding House Gallery, August 2022.

Made from: scanned snapshots printed on long panels of semi-translucent paper (hand-stitched), gesso, painters tape, scrap paper (zigzag-stitched), carved and dyed lumber, bees wax, mesh, nylon cord

Installed in my studio for MFA Open Studios, March 2022.

Installed at Zavitz Gallery, at the University of Guelph, December 2021.