Screen Ecologies is a book which first existed as an orated text — something co-written by Emma Hicks and sophia bartholomew during the winter (Canada) summer (Australia) of 2016, originally titled Present, not present (or the smell that comes from the rocks before the rain). Moving between philosophical reflection, poetic description, ink drawings, and family stories, Emma and sophia use their digitally-mediated friendship to consider broader questions around the maintenance of boundaries, social contract, healing, embodied communication, and the terms and limitations of knowledge exchange.

Risograph zine. Published by Moniker Press.

“What is enacted in online spaces? Objects circulated as stories, stories circulate as objects. The light from outside travels in with you, I can see it behind you… The air might get heavy, but it’s gravity that will give you shape. Grave-digging and negative numbers. The object is being articulated by the barbecue over your left hand shoulder, behind me there’s a refrigerator…”

Published collaboratively with Moniker Press, a limited edition of Screen Ecologies was risograph printed in Vancouver, BC, 2018. Earlier versions of this work were presented at the (Popular Culture Association of Australia & New Zealand) PopCAANZ Conference Digital Ecologies panel (2016) and at “Transcultural Collaborations: Advocating Reciprocal Spaces,” a First Nations & First Peoples Artist Panel Discussion at the Sydney College of the Arts (2017).