Rye cures rupture, the moon cures rage.

The title for this work is inherited from a list of household remedies found in the eddic poem H̳á̳v̳a̳m̳á̳l̳ (dated to the tenth century, thought to have been written down in about 1270 CE):

For earth cures drink, and fire cures ills,
The oak cures tightness, the ear cures magic,
Rye cures rupture, the moon cures rage.

Elastic and fragmentary, H̲á̲v̲a̲m̲á̲l seems to have started out as a collection of proverbs and wise counsels attributed to Othin. Over time, various runes and charms were tacked on, and other poems and bits of verse were inserted into the text. Once spoken and fluid, expanding and contracting, this body of words sits so uneasily on the page…

Installed in my studio for MFA Open Studios, March 2022.

Made from: Ram Board, seam tape, gesso, blue polytarp, overwintered plants (including goldenrod, burdock, asters and bee balm) collected from city parks, found cordage, and marking paint.

Installed as a part of the group exhibition All Flourishing Is Mutual co-curated by Katie Lawson and Jaclyn Quaresma, for Images Festival, December 2022 – February 2023.

Made from: rosin paper, Ram Board, seam tape, gesso, white poly tarp, discarded survey stakes, burnt scrap wood, found cordage, plants and branches salvaged from a brush pile, and marking paint.