sb_year_counter_flesh_marker 12021 / year-counter, flesh-marker installed at Zavitz Gallery, at the University of Guelph

sb_three_times_burned_and_three_times_born2021 / three times burned, and three times born hanging sculpture, scrap wood charms

14_sophiabartholomew_photorcedit Alison Postma2021 / wood wove sculpture work for grass taps group exhibition at the plumb in Toronto, photographed by Alison Postma


2021 / The strand like the spirit. The spirit like the breath. installed at Zavitz Gallery for the online group exhibition Performance Drawing, hosted by Centre for Recent Drawing (C4RD) in London, UK, video on Vimeo > >

sb_friction_cushion_32021 / friction cushion sculpture work for A Seven Or A Jack group exhibition at Boarding House Gallery

the wind that lives everywhere and in water2020 / The wind that lives everywhere and in water large-scale photo installation work at the University of Guelph

sb_SNOW_FLOWER_SUNSET_LAKE_42020 / Snow Flower Sunset Lake (YELLOW) installation for no show group exhibition at Boarding House Gallery

flower photo 1 front copy2016 – 2019 / Snow Flower Sunset Lake interdisciplinary research in conversation with my maternal grandmother Klara Tuft, in rural Northwestern Ontario

some ideas about warmth (still life) sophia bartholomew2018 / Some ideas about warmth still life arrangements of hand-built ceramic bowls, photographed for Bogdan Cheta‘s project notes on how to cook with thoughts & sleep with sounds at 67 Steps in LA

body strata (skins) sophia bartholomew2017 / Body Strata a series of ceramic forms developed during a residency at The Khyber Centre for the Arts in Halifax

sb_2013_eple_slang2013 / EPLE SLANG [apple scrumping] a homemade, solar-powered dehydrator installed in the window gallery at gallery 1313 in Parkdale (Toronto), drying out apples gathered from urban trees over the course of the exhibition, curated by Tara Bursey

sb-2016-face-machine-012016 / Face Machine a short film produced and screened at Struts Gallery & Faucet Media Arts Centre in Sackville, created with Penelope Stevens, video on Vimeo > >

twenty eight minutes like twenty eight years 42015 / twenty eight minutes like twenty eight years a performance for pizza hut publishing in Vancouver, organized by Leigh Tennant and photographed by Kathryn Alder, video on Vimeo > >

banner_sophia_bartholomew_20182018 / Too much too many, too little too late. a series of ephemeral experiments co-performed with Hannah Doerksen in Medicine Hat, video on Vimeo > >

img_2684_22016 / Future Fitness a four-hour-long performance, travelling through mania and exhaustion to explore protective language behaviours, curated by D’Arcy Wilson for Saltbox Festival of Time-based Art at the Grenfell Art Gallery in Corner Brook, photographed by Leah Vokey Sing

Sophia Bartholomew "ULTIMATE WORKOUT"2014 / Ultimate Workout a four-hour-long performance, reading critical theory out loud while doing aerobics, for M:ST Performative Art in Calgary and Lethbridge, photographed by Monika Sobczak, video documentation by M:ST > >

2015 sb Ultimate Workout Video 052016 / Ultimate Workout Video screened as part of PUMPED, a queer video curation by Coral Short for nGbK Berlin at GEGEN OLYMPICS and Künstlerhaus Bethanien in Berlin, video on Vimeo > >

Bread & Roses 12016 / Bread & Roses a performance with rudi aker for FLOURISH Festival in Fredericton, using textiles, white bread, honey, pressed flowers, wax paper, protective circles, and audio loops, photographed by Chris Giles, video on Vimeo > >

A_MG_8199_32016 / bag body, body bag a performance for Rencontre internationale d’art performance de Québec (RiAP) at Le Lieu in Québec, diagramming experiences of physical dissociation and gender dysphoria, photographed by Manoushka Larouche

10-sb-2013-the-resolute-parka2013 / The Resolute Parka a series of conversations and artworks hosted in and around my winter coat during a residency at the Banff Centre, documented on this website > >

09 sb 2016 The Resolute Parka2014 / Dance or Exercise on the Perimeter of a Square a performance considering the urgent provision of possible space during a research residency in Havana with Marilyn Volkman, Susana Pilar Delahante Matienzo and Dan Paz, photographed by Javier Rivera Castro

make your self aversion of yourself2012 – 2013 / make yourself aversion of your self a socially embedded performance which involved making and wearing a different text-based t-shirt every day for more than a year, documented on this website > >

sb_monument2014 / monument text-based t-shirts displayed and sold from a booth at the Sussex Flea Market in Sussex, New Brunswick

06-sb-2014-going-out-of-business-like-its-going-out-of-style-photo-christiania-myers2014 / going out of business like its going out of style an installation and performance at Third Space Gallery, liquidating t-shirts from an empty storefront in downtown Saint John, photographed by Christiana Myers

DANCE HALL FIRE HALL Susana Pilar Delahante Matienzo PHOTO Jeremy Pavka2016 / Dance Hall, Fire Hall a project using studio space in a historic fire hall to host events, including artist talks by Susana Pilar Delahante Matienzo and Camille Turner, and free school held in partnership with the Calgary School of Informal Education, supported by a three-month-long City of Calgary public art residency, photographed by Jeremy Pavka

The Friday Night Book Club for Collected Sights and Sounds2016 / The Friday Night Book Club for Collected Sights and Sounds a provisional space-making project, reading texts and objects together in the interstices of M:ST Performative Art festival, photographed by participants

2019 / I could be writing about you, but I’m writing about me. collaborative project with Hannah Doerksen for Femme Wave festival in Calgary, curated by Alicia Buates Mckenzie

sb_interpretive_dance2012 / interpretive dance immersive audio and video projection, installed in a locked seminar room for the BFA graduation exhibition at the University of British Columbia

sb_hair_cut_piece2011 / hair/cut piece public performance with Leigh Tennant and Claire Sproule, in front of Walter C. Koerner library at the University of British Columbia, photographed by Athena Papadopoulos