sophia bartholomew 2016 security patternsApril 23, 2016 / “Bread & Roses” for Flourish festival in Fredericton, with Rudi Aker and Rose Porter, Motherhood and WHOOP-Szo, photographed by Chris Giles

A performance and installation, imagining solidarity and considering labour MORE > >

2015 sb Ultimate Workout Video 01July 2016 / “Ultimate Workout Video” screening as part of PUMPED, a queer video curation by Coral Short for nGbK Berlin‘s “contesting/contexting SPORT 2016” at GEGEN OLYMPICS and Künstlerhaus Bethanien

An aerobic workout routine which incorporates the reading of philosophical texts that use metaphors of physical movement to model identities and other social constructions MORE > >

01-sb-2016-the-keeping-myself-company-presents-been-trying-to-meet-you-a-silent-film-in-three-chaptersMarch 30, 2016 / “Been Trying To Meet You, a silent film in three chapters” at the Galerie d’art Louise-et-Reuben-Cohen in  Moncton, curated and photographed by Nisk Imbeault

A video animation that engages with unidentified objects found in the gallery’s collection, accompanied by the performance of a live score MORE > >

sb 2016 Trois Chapitres Three Chapters reading 05 PHOTO Annie France NoelMay 13, 2016 / “Trois Chapitres (Three Chapters)” at Galérie Sans Nom with Emma Hicks, photographed by Annie France Noël

New writing in three chapters for the Galérie d’art Louise-et-Reuben-Cohen, co-written with Emma Hicks and edited by Madeleine Blanchard MORE > >

sb 2015 twenty eight minutes like twenty eight years PHOTO Leigh TennantApril 9, 2015 / “Twenty eight minutes, like twenty eight years” for pizza hut publishing, organized and photographed by Leigh Tennant

A twenty-eight minute long performance used to diagram psychological fragility MORE > >

IMG_3207August 2016 / “Face Machines” for the Shifty Bits Circus in Fredericton & Montréal, with Erin Goodine, the Shifty Bits Cult, and the Oh Hi Collective

Hand-dyed masks and flags, disrupting the signs and signifiers of the face MORE > >

09 sb 2016 The Resolute ParkaDecember 9-26, 2014 / “Dance or Exercise on the Perimeter of a Square” in Havana with Marilyn Volkman, photographed by Javier Rivera Castro

A performance for video, considering the urgent provision of possible space MORE > >

_MG_8964November 1, 2015  / “I had a dream last night and you were there.” for the exhibition Frontier at SOMETIMES Art Space in Havana, photographed by Dan Paz

A loose-leaf publication, about so many different kinds of dreams MORE > >

Vancouver Art Book Fair photos by Tori Schepel for Blonde Art BooksOctober 16 – 18, 2015  /  “East is the new West” at the 2015 Vancouver Art / Book Fair, photographed by Tori Schepel for Blonde Art Books

A curated selection of printed matter, artist multiples and unconventional publications produced by artists and art spaces in Atlantic Canada MORE > >

hereONGOING  /  somewhere just outside of a rented apartment, along a wooded river valley, in Fredericton, New Brunswick