video work

2020 / reading with Emma Hicks from Present, not present (or the smell that comes from the rocks before the rain) a text we wrote together in 2016: moving between philosophical reflection, poetic description, and family stories, the text uses our digitally-mediated friendship to consider broader questions around the maintenance of boundaries, social contract, healing, embodied communication, and the terms and limitations of knowledge exchange

2016 / The Keeping Myself Company presents: Been Trying To Meet you a video / animation engaging with unidentified objects found in the permanent collection of the Galerie d’art LRC, in Moncton

2017 / Companions to the Body a video revisiting improvised performances by Noah Lichtblau, Lucy Pauker, Luke Mohan, Nick Dourado, Codo Lowe, Peter Dykhuis, Kate Walchuk, Carmel Farahbakhsh, Alex van Helvoort, Michael Fernandes, Eric Diolola, and OS Diamond, reading from a series of pamphlets published during a residency at The Khyber Centre for the Arts, in Halifax

2013 / Because everywhere the hypothesis of the self is beginning to crack. a video-performance created during a residency at The Banff Centre

2015 / GHOSTS a stop motion animation made with hand-burnished prints from felled spruce trees

2017 / land lines a video originally projected over a live performance, with footage from rural New Brunswick and rural Northwestern Ontario

2013 / Formerly George’s Footwear documentation from an installation at Roadside Attractions, 911 Davenport Road in Toronto