05 SNOW FLOWER SUNSET LAKE (basement window) sophia bartholomew

following a narrow trail up through the bush behind the house, i arrive at a large field grown in with grass and low bushes, bordered by trees. pine and birch trees, mostly: the smell of the needles on the ground. it is my mother’s mother who tended a garden here, carrying the water. this asparagus was planted years before she ever arrived. i cut down the overgrown rhubarb and i cook jam, standing over the stove — steaming and sweating. in the underbrush there are small wild strawberries — a seemingly endless supply — though by now i understand that nothing is endless —

sophia bartholomew (they/them) is a trans non-binary person and interdisciplinary artist. They use text and textiles, objects and photographs, performance and video to explore inter-subjectivity, reciprocity, physical fragility and decay. They are descended from Norwegian immigrants on Treaty 3 territory (Northwestern Ontario) and English and Irish settlers in so-called Toronto. Since graduating with their BFA from UBC in 2012, their practice has been guided by open-ended conversation and collaborative work with other artists. They are currently an MFA candidate at the University of Guelph.

email / bartholomew . sophia @ gmail . com

instagram / @bartholomew.sophia