sophia bartholomew is a queer non-binary femme and an interdisciplinary artist. they are descended from norwegian, irish and english settlers, living in canada. they received their BFA from UBC in 2012, and co-directed connexion artist-run centre in fredericton, new brunswick, from 2012 to 2015. sophia has presented their work in public galleries and artist-run centres, and has attended residencies across canada and in cuba. they are currently based in vancouver.

following a narrow trail up through the bush behind the house, i arrive at a large field grown in with grass and low bushes, bordered by trees. pine and birch trees, mostly: the smell of the needles on the ground. it is my mother’s mother who tended a garden here, carrying the water. this asparagus was planted years before she ever arrived. i cut down the overgrown rhubarb and i cook jam, standing over the stove — steaming and sweating. in the underbrush there are small wild strawberries — a seemingly endless supply — though by now i understand that nothing is endless —


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