JACKSON POLLOCK SANDWICH sophia bartholomew2011 / jackson pollock sandwich

ISBN 978-1-988794-54-9

screen ecologies moniker press emma hicks sophia bartholomew2018 / Screen Ecologies

Risograph zine co-created with Emma Hicks, published by Moniker Press.

ISBN 978-0-9937881-9-2

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IMG_60672021 / Solutions to the Problem of Staying Alive

A collaboration with Hannah Doerksen. A publication in the form of a care package. A collection of zines and artist multiples produced for M:ST Performative Art, developed with support from UNIT/PITT and the Canada Council for the Arts. Risograph printing by Yolkless Press and Moniker Press.

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companions-to-the-bodies-by-the-sea2017 / Companions to the Body

A publication in the form of twenty-six pamphlets (A through Z) developed during a residency at The Khyber Centre for the Arts  supported by artsnb.

ISBN 978-1-988794-34-1

Digital version / Printable pdf

soft mask books2017 / SOFT MASK

Conversation between rudi aker and sophia bartholomew, loosely bound together as an editioned set of large-format drawings for the 2017 Vancouver Art Book Fair.

ISBN 978-1-988794-52-5

trois-chapitres2016 / Trois Chapitres ( Three Chapters )

A bilingual publication in three chapters for the Galerie d’art LRC, co-written by Emma Hicks, with French language texts edited by Madeleine Blanchard.

ISBN 978-0-9877755-8-0

ISBN 978-0-9877755-9-7

ISBN 978-0-9951959-0-5

Digital version / Printable pdf


2015 / I had a dream last night and you were there.

Loose leaf publication for the exhibition Frontier at avecez art space, Havana, co-curated by Solveig Font Martinez, Dan Paz, and Marilyn Volkman.

ISBN 978-0-9950653-5-2

Digital version / Printable pdf

MASHED_Embodied_text_Autobiographical_voice_sophia_bartholomew2014 / embodied text, autobiographical voice, untitled

Silkscreen text work for M A S H E D, a collaborative publication developed with members of Connexion artist-run centre, photographed by Robin Goodine.

hello parka2015 / hello parka

A set of two saddle stitched books, expanding upon some of the projects realized in and around the resolute parka, photographed by Monica Victoria.

ISBN 978-0-9950653-2-1

ISBN 978-0-9950653-3-8

Digital version / Printable pdf

here you are2012 / Here you are.

Painted mural for The Crying Room (157 East Cordova Street), curated by Colleen Heslin: layering names and other text found on maps from Vancouver: A Visual History by Bruce Macdonald, a historical atlas illustrating land use patterns from the 1850s through the 1980s.

ISBN 978-1-988794-55-6


A layered, text-based window display for The New Gallery in Calgary.