JACKSON POLLOCK SANDWICH sophia bartholomew2011 / jackson pollock sandwich

ISBN 978-1-988794-54-9

here you are2012 / Here you are.

Painted mural for The Crying Room (157 East Cordova Street), layering names and textual information found on  maps of Vancouver from the 1850s through the 1990s, curated by Colleen Heslin.

ISBN 978-1-988794-55-6

screen ecologies moniker press emma hicks sophia bartholomew2018 / Screen Ecologies

Risograph zine co-created with Emma Hicks, published by Moniker Press.

ISBN 978-0-9937881-9-2

Copies can be purchased online > >

companions-to-the-bodies-by-the-sea2017 / Companions to the Body

A publication in the form of twenty-six pamphlets (A through Z) developed during a residency at The Khyber Centre for the Arts  supported by artsnb.

ISBN 978-1-988794-34-1

Digital version / Printable pdf

soft mask books2017 / SOFT MASK

Conversation between rudi aker and sophia bartholomew, loosely bound together as an editioned set of large-format drawings for the 2017 Vancouver Art Book Fair.

ISBN 978-1-988794-52-5

trois-chapitres2016 / Trois Chapitres ( Three Chapters )

A bilingual publication in three chapters for the Galerie d’art LRC, co-written by Emma Hicks, with French language texts edited by Madeleine Blanchard.

ISBN 978-0-9877755-8-0

ISBN 978-0-9877755-9-7

ISBN 978-0-9951959-0-5

Digital version / Printable pdf


2015 / I had a dream last night and you were there.

Loose leaf publication for the exhibition Frontier at avecez art space, Havana, co-curated by Solveig Font Martinez, Dan Paz, and Marilyn Volkman.

ISBN 978-0-9950653-5-2

Digital version / Printable pdf

MASHED_Embodied_text_Autobiographical_voice_sophia_bartholomew2014 / embodied text, autobiographical voice, untitled

Silkscreen text work for M A S H E D, a collaborative publication developed with members of Connexion artist-run centre, photographed by Robin Goodine.

hello parka2015 / hello parka

Set of two saddle stitched books, extending projects realized in and around the resolute parka, photographed by Monica Victoria.

ISBN 978-0-9950653-2-1

ISBN 978-0-9950653-3-8

Digital version / Printable pdf